Bea World Festival
Think Hybride

Think Hybride

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Sylvester Events

The Event

Uncertain times for the event sector in Belgium. Clients, partners and competitors tried to figure out what the future would hold and what to do next post-COVID.

From the very beginning it was clear to us that we wanted to deliver a full-packed hour of information and entertainment. We wanted to catch the attention of the participant from the first second to the last. Define the things needed to be shared, by the experts needed to get a platform and do it so people wouldn’t lose interest at any given moment during that one hour. We introduced two hosts. One static female host (eva kamanda) who would ask the right questions to the experts, one walking content male host (otto-jan ham) who would lighten things up and interact with the physically present audience and the technical crew. They would guide the story about organizing hybrid events in an innovative way, because from second one participants are getting a look behind the curtains of such an event production. Coupled with multi-hub technology – through which people live from barcelona and antwerp would give their expertise – and a live band, a golf cart to get from set 1 to set 2…