The Immersive Clarins Pop Up Shop

The Immersive Clarins Pop Up Shop

Client company:
Scandinavian Cosmetics
Organising company:
Retail Factory by JCP

The Event

An immersive Clarins pop-up shop held in Downtown Oslo for three weeks, targeting a younger audience to showcase natural beauty and sustainability, while securing sales KPI’s set for the periode

We conceptualized an immersive Clarins pop-up experience, integrating a photo booth competition, sustainability-focused workshops, Clarins product sampling in key locations, exclusive meet & greets, and a large PR event to boost awareness about the Clarins pop-up. Innovative technologies like the virtual try on, photo booth sampling truck and strategic partnerships with influencers on TikTok and Instagram enhanced engagement and reach. Additionally, leveraging Dagny (singer & songwriter) as Clarins’ brand ambassador in Norway added a creative and influential touch, resonating with our target audience.

Live Presentations