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The Event

Unique internal communication event where 500 insurers get to a place whence none return: Paradise. So that upon return, they could convince clients that life on earth can be also risk-free.

The idea was to give guests a unique chance to get to the Garden of Eden, the epicentre of all pleasures. Where beasts give compliments, champagne is pouring from trees, 20 years can be lost in wellness rooms, by visiting God, find out the % of getting to heaven. The event was created as a theatre performance consisting of episodes encoded with paradise symbolism: purgatory, pleasure boudoir, garden of earthly delights. Transitions between scenes, necessary changes of scenery happened before the audience, blindfolding them or otherwise theatrically acting out the construction process.
Each character appeared at the right time in all episodes, playing a specific role, whether it was the stagehand who appears to be the guard of the Garden of Eden, flowers that awaken paradise garden or God at whose door the next visitor knocks. Guests were also involved in the realisation of the script, unknowingly playing a role.
Constant transformation of rooms before the audience. 0% chance of error.

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