Client company:
The Church of the Clerigos
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The Event

Spiritus is a permanent multimedia immerse show in Oporto’s iconic church, designed for all: locals and tourists alike. It allows the visitors to experience Fernando Pessoa’s poem brought to life thro

Professionals have skillfully combined cutting-edge technology with utmost reverence for the church’s sacredness. Through video mapping, they breathe life into the Baroque architecture, seamlessly bridging the past and future in perfect harmony.
The intricately synchronized design of lights and the original soundtrack create a profoundly fulfilling experience. As light and sound dance in unison, spectators are transported to a realm of enchantment, where emotions and imagination intertwine.
Incorporating laser lights, they delicately carve through the church’s interior, adding a contemporary dimension to the timeless structure. The lasers accentuate the architectural grandeur, bringing forth the beauty hidden within every nook and cranny.
Adding to the ethereal atmosphere, a subtle veil of smoke rises, supporting and magnifying the luminous display. The haze elevates the mystery and allure of Nasoni’s architectural masterpiece, heightening the sense of wonder.