SAP NOW. Rise with SAP

SAP NOW. Rise with SAP

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The Event

Format: digital transformation for a forum – a subscription-based business series
Goals: convey key messages from SAP, attract new clients
Audience: existing and potential clients and partners

Rise with SAP. The name reflects how we see the present. Like the Sun, business starts its ascent after the dark night of 2020.

Together with SAP, we decided to transform the forum into a digital format to reflect the new reality and replace a trivial broadcast with a TV series flavor, which brought the project to a new level. We also highlighted the symbiotic relations between all elements of a traditional SAP NOW forum (plenary session, Q&A, video cases and interviews) through an innovative and creative online format.

1) Main cast – SAP speakers.
2) The pilot episode officially launches the series and starts the plot twist
3) Guests of the morning show – representatives of 10 different corporate clients of SAP
4) The platform uses 100% pre-recorded content, to achieve a movie-grade and high quality image
5) Every episode has its specific decorations and storyline.
6) The subscription to the business series is a way to better hit the target audience.