Client company:
Prosight Slovensko a.s.
Organising company:

The Event

A hybrid convention for business reviews, visions, networking, rewards, birthday celebrations. All network came together to boost the company culture and energy for future achievements.

We created a customized 3D scene with its own visual scenography for the conference and Gala. In a pre-event phase, our participants received a personalized invitation email with a link to a customized virtual event platform. Also, we sent our participants a gift box to be open at the beginning of the event. The gift box of Prosecco, other treats were meant to bring a live elements and fully enrich the experience of the celebration.
An expressive and authentic performance of a celebrity host (super famous TV moderator and vlogger) uplifted the atmosphere with the technological gadgets presented behind the scenes – revealing the greenscreen studio. The combination of greenscreen experience and 3D studio naturally uncovered the technological aspect of the virtual events and added dynamic design.