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The largest & first pandemic-themed online hackathon VirusHack in Russia

The largest & first pandemic-themed online hackathon VirusHack in Russia

Client company:
PJSC Rostelecom
Organising company:
PJSC Rostelecom

The Event

To support sustainable development, Rostelecom organized VirusHack themed around managing daily life in the context of global changes with the help of digital solutions proposed by IT community.

The project was launched at the pandemia’s daze to contribute to sustainable development, in this regard, Rostelecom placed all solutions in open access on not only to support partners and customers, but the entire community. Partners and Rostelecom have several prototypes in active development. According to Team Autonomy Enablement, Karma Framework implemented to Rostelecom in the end of 2019 and recognized by Gartner, using that internal method, participants could find people for the team and submit ideas on the platform. Rostelecom team had meetings every 2-3 hours to coordinate process, supervise participants. Business, IT experts shared resources and made checkpoints to consult participants. Teams engaged in interactive experience with various tools: contests, marathons, conferences and more. Teams spent 3 days developing prototypes. In few hours judges assessed the results of 279 teams & announced 21 winners in every track.