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The Event

Lisbon Under Stars was an immersive and unique spectacle in Lisbon. A multidisciplinary experience that brought together multimedia projections, virtual dancers and visual effects, to the sound of great Portuguese music. Proven to be the ideal stage for Lisbon Under Stars, Carmo’s Church provided a new way of experiencing the history of more than 600 years of the city and Portugal.

The creative idea for the event was to give life to the church and to assume that church was the principal character of the immersive show. The church was addressing the audience and narrating the story. The idea was to use several Portuguese artists from diverse fields of art and present them in one coherent work: dancers, singers, urban artists, painters, multimedia artists, and other. One of the challenges connected to that was that Ocubo had to create a show that was bilingual without being too heavy, as well as keeping the narration in a voice of poetry, but telling historical facts.

All of the above-mentioned was shaping the event experience, because it was a rich mix between the virtual world and the real world, which in itself is the church and the heritage.

In terms of technological innovation, the project applied several techniques that are used and featured in movie industry to the field of video mapping.