Client company:
IEK Group
Organising company:

The Event

Hybrid event backed by AR, MR, and XR technologies for employees and partners, broadcasted on social media streams. A business show with online game-like presence effect in real time mode.

It was hybrid in hybrid event. 50 top-partners participated offline and were part of the first innovative business show about IEK Group. Thus the guests became part of the concept following the director’s instructions. As the participants told us later they felt the magic of cinema. They saw speakers as part of the online game. Every speaker had a location created for him on the Unreal Engine. They could move inside the location, crane tracking made it look realistic. We used one of the leading technologies – XR (extended reality), all the speakers’ presentations were transformed into AR objects (to do that we refined all the content and prepared speeches for them). Guests onsite saw them on the screens with online translation.