exSPECT the unexSPECted

exSPECT the unexSPECted

Client company:
Specsavers Norway
Organising company:

The Event

This event is a two day convention and annual strategy summit for Specsavers franchises all over Norway that aims to educate, inspire, recognise and set the vision and goals for the year ahead. Guests are highly educated opticians, in-store staff, but also corporate HQ, marketing etc. Other participants are vendors and partners such as the Norwegian Ass. for the blind. The ages of participants range from 18-65 years with the average under 35. We challenged the client & turned things upside down.

We asked guests to tell us “what is the most unexpected thing that could happen during the event” This created a great buzz & guests started dreaming of what might actually happen. We picked a few of the dreams and fulfilled them during the event. One of the keys to the success that helped us deliver on the clients objectives and goals was the high level of guest involvement and interaction. Traditional formats were tweaked to keep the energy up and people on the edge on their seats.

-Our concept & invite built curiosity & and teased but communicated little about the program
-We created APP to communicate practical info & platform to share photos & videos
-We sent out personalised musical invitations to all franchises performed by celebrity musician, VIA APP
-We produced a “30 questions” video of new CEO 30 filmed at his home & sent out weeks before event
-We used the entire hotel in new ways
-We even made GDPR fun by Creating & choreographing a GDPR song & dance with employee