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Rosenbauer RT Launch Event

Rosenbauer RT Launch Event

Client company:
Rosenbauer International AG
Organising company:
Ars Electronica Linz GmbH & Co KG

The Event

World premiere of the new Rosenbauer RT, Hybrid Event, Live broadcasting of the drive of the vehicles to the event location, Aesthetic overall concept, Usage of innovative technologies;

As the main show producer, Ars Electronica Solutions attached great importance to create a harmonious, coherent, aesthetic overall concept. As an interface between technology and society, special attention was also paid to give this production a personal and humane character.
These goals were achieved through various show elements, which in the end resulted in a conclusive puzzle. Through aesthetic teaser animations a red thread was drawn through the whole evening. The specially developed design language emphasized Rosenbauer’s unique innovative idea through state-of-the-art Point Cloud-Animations.
The human character was created by the live broadcast into the arriving vehicles and the motorcycle cameras that were with them on the road. Used at the right moment, these camera views put the entire audience (virtual and physical) in suspense and let them participate in the ride.