Bea World Festival
Client company:
T-Mobile Polska
Organising company:
endorfina events

The Event

Awareness of 5G in Poland was quite small. T-Mobile decided to change that by bringing 5G Lab to its customers, explaining its capabilities and announce the entry of T-Mobile into the world of 5G.

– The creative idea was to give the consumer direct touch of 5G possibilities. Thanks to technological innovations we could show wide range of 5G advantages.
– We designed the entire journey of the consumer inside the zone that step by step showed him the possibilities of using the 5G zone in various aspects of life, provided by T-Mobile.
– Thanks to the use of virtual reality (VR), visitors had the opportunity to learn the possibilities and applications of a super-fast network and see what a smart city of the future may look like. Among the attractions were also solutions based on augmented reality (AR), 3D mapping, intelligent glasses, which presented how 5G can make everyday life easier.
– We designed and produced the space inside and outside the zone #5G_LAB, and also coordinated the work of almost 60 Ambassadors – employees of T-Mobile.
– The project was made with direct cooperation with hub:raum (T-Mobile Polska’s Department of New Technologies) and with Deutsche Telekom.