Experience Opening Stora Enso

Experience Opening Stora Enso

Czech Republic
Client company:
Stora Enso WP HV s.r.o.

The Event

The event was representing a well-thought-out display of Stora Enso´s commitment to sustainability. The objectives went beyond the usual event goals; we aimed to create a lasting impact.

The Stora Enso event effectively conveyed the company’s mission and showcased its products through a sustainable event that highlighted various facets of the company and innovative sustainable solutions.
The Stora Enso Hall was transformed into an immersive venue, featuring multiple zones such as a catering area, three relaxing zones, a stage, and guided tours, all adorned with natural materials, wooden furnishings, and rustic decor elements.

Attention to sustainability was evident in every detail:
• The catering service prioritized local and organic ingredients to reduce waste.
• The chill-out zone was adorned with natural materials, wooden furniture, and rustic decorations.
• Decoration consisted of live trees in pots made from CLT panels.
• Bistro tables, navigation signs, and the furniture for the dressing room for vests and protective helmets during tours were crafted from recycled CLT panel materials.