Football Talks 2022

Football Talks 2022

Client company:
Portuguese Football Federation
Organising company:
GR8 Events Agency

The Event

Hybrid conference, with over than 22 hours of Live Streaming, 27 talks, divided between 4 stages, where several topics about the future of football until 2030, were debated by well-known speakers.

This event stood out from the ordinary mainly for being the first event hosted at the Portuguese Football Federation headquarters, and counted with several tools that contributed to be a different and unique event:

– set design: we wanted to give the general public the opportunity to walk, see and feel the places where the Portuguese National Team stays and works, during their time at Cidade do Futebol, therefore we designed the stages on the most inaccessible sites of the venue, such as: a stand on the football stadium where the practices occur, a room at the players hotel, a TV studio at the Portuguese Football Federation TV channel studio, and an auditorium where the Board of Directors regularly meet. This way the general public had access to sites where they usually can’t access at the same time they were hearing and learning about football and important discussion topics within this industry;
– re-use of materials: the graphic production materials were recycled and re-used.