Estonian Entrepreneurship Award Gala

Estonian Entrepreneurship Award Gala

Client company:
Enterprise Estonia and the Estonian Employers’ Confederation
Organising company:
Jolos - member of 27Names

The Event

Great example how one event changed the standards of award gala sustainability logic. A case-study of how conservative TV galas can also promote sustainability in a delicate and effective way.

Event had multiple creative solutions to meet the objectives.

1. We moved vip gala awards with live TV for the first time to working school building. Why? Inclusiveness and sustainability. Central location, suitable rooms, new building, lot of recourses present in school. (musicians, performers, instruments, recording etc.). We used students on stage, in production and preperation, to give them a chance to learn and be included in big events.
2. Fully plant based and alcohol free menu. A nonstandard move on such a high level vip event.
3. All of the decorations were made using production leftovers in a way that they look good in TV.
4. Inclusivity in TV meaning provision of audio descriptions for the visually impaired added to normal subtitles, which rarely happens in national broadcast channel 1 level.
5. Sustainability communication. We highlighted different subjects and facts in event precoms, on site from ipads, TV hosts pretexts and afterevent communications.