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Volkswagen Amarok Hero

Volkswagen Amarok Hero

Client company:
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Organising company:
Show&Motion communication agency

The Event

To increase the unaided brand awareness of the Volkswagen Amarok model. The Brand Reinforcement as the best manly car of the conception Man in Everything. To show the Benefits of possessing this car. To stir interest in the model with a V6 engine.

The first All-Russian competition of manhood “AMAROK Hero”. The first stage: Large-scale digital campaign through cities participating in the road show, enrollment of competitioners, selection by the editorial jury. The second stage: attraction of TA (target audience) attention, online voting, selection of participants of the “live” finale, meeting of the finalists of the regional stage, final competitions within the framework of the two-day event on the basis of Dealers’ Centers and independent sites of complex off road. The third stage: Presentation of the car, test drive, awarding the winners of the regional stage of the contest.