Bea World Festival
Untamed nights on the 20th floor

Untamed nights on the 20th floor

Client company:
Remy Martin

The Event

The 20th floor is an Untamed nights project, specially created in a pandemic environment to avoid direct human contact, including technology and promoting the Remy Martin brand.

The event included new innovations in the field of events, as well as the use of technology to ensure a safe and unique event. Each activity was designed with the help of technology so that visitors would not meet any other person from outside the household. Did virtual reality merge with reality, breaking down the boundaries between “us and them”, present or past, appearance or reality? Dinner and accommodation used augmented reality, specially created holograms, a virtual 3D fireworks display, as well as a unique table – a special scenographic object that shone and changed colors in various music compositions. Performers wrote to the guests from a distance with the help of special glasses.
The main object of the accommodation is a levitating bed in stellar laser beams, between moving clouds and falling stars.
New cocktails were created with Remy Martin cognac, which, when enjoyed, the guests encountered Remy Martin’s grandson and his story in a specially designed hologram.