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Thematic District Pavilions Project

Thematic District Pavilions Project

Client company:
Expo 2020 Dubai
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The Event

Simmetrico was appointed by Expo 2020 Dubai to develop, implement and produce design contents for the inaugural pavilions of 29 countries, in the framework of the Thematic District Pavilions Project.

All the objectives of the Thematic District Pavilions Project fall under a single vision: to leave no one behind in the global discussion about our common future as humanity.
The complexity of finding 29 different creative ideas in 5 months, with countries that create their pavilion for the first time, was to guide them through a process of content and design experience development. In this context, Simmetrico’s creativity was not only implemented to create unique and authentic stories that reflected each cultural identity, but it also served the development of a clear and structured methodology to share with them.
These were the two main tools to create a dialogue between the team and the client. A common ground of discussion to share the creative idea and to find the elements that build an effective narration for each country’s vision and case history. To establish a relationship with the countries to truly tell their distinguishing identity.