Bea World Festival
Riga’s summer of courage and joy

Riga’s summer of courage and joy

Client company:
Riga city council
Organising company:
Riga city council

The Event

The festival reforms a traditional city event to create more meaningful relationships with its inhabitants and the local cultural and creative sector, thus improving the quality of life in the city.

The concept behind the event was for the first time to organize it with the global context in mind and to use its program as a tool to address current issues-fear and panic brought on by the war in Ukraine, doubting our courage, and the anxiety left by Covid-19.Through its visual identity and posters, decorations, and festival’s program Sumer of courage and joy invited to come together and build resilience through shared joy, reminding that courage is a muscle that can be trained and awakened.The method was simple but novel for Riga-to spread out the traditional 3-day mass event in the center to 60 days in 10 districts and to build smaller-scale events that focus on long-term benefits and social resilience instead of sole entertainment.Festival included contemporary concerts and events that invited people to take small steps of courage in their daily life and openness to share joy with other residents. The production was entrusted to 9 producers, 8 of which are nonprofit organisations.