Bea World Festival
Pop up cafe Cafe with rules

Pop up cafe Cafe with rules

Client company:
Paulig coffe
Organising company:
Skudras metropole

The Event

A unique project that entertains, inspires, educates and provides new experience, as well as gives rise to a new trend in the entertainment industry and café culture, and adds diversity to the sector of public events. The café is with rules, so that the guests can find out as much as possible, as well as be entertained as much as possible. The café’s visitors carry out various tasks, participate in a quest game, enjoy meals on dishes where time is forgotten.

This is a new and creative pop-up cafe concept. Each café’s scenography is created anew: unusual chairs, face reflecting mirrors, unusual dishes, tables like aquariums, foldable easels, chairs like swings which light up, lamps and many other objects, including a waterfall bar. Various new games have also been created, new recipes and unusual ways of serving meals and beverages: