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On-Site Meeting

On-Site Meeting

Client company:
HB Reavis Slovakia a.s.
Organising company:

The Event

An event for internal employees on the construction site of their new offices to minimise potential negative impact of moving on business. We had to let them create positive emotions towards their new place and communicate that employer really care about their employees and their wellbeing.

We had to come with an idea how to create positive emotions towards new office premises as well answer all possible questions and doubts. The best decision was to take people right there and let them spend time on the site to see for themselves where their offices will be, what their facilities will be like. It took a tremendous energy to adjust site to have an event there. We took the architecture plans and sprayed the lines where every office wall will be built. We screened 3D visualisations in real space. To demonstrate where common areas such as canteen, library or even nap room will be we used the combination of visual and real experience. Hence the employees could have had laid in the bed, sit in the armchair which will be in library room but at the same time those spaces were visualised on decorated walls. To decorate the walls we have decided to stay in construction site style and we have used electric tape to express the originality of their new premises.