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Managers’ Days Bonduelle Worldwide Event

Managers’ Days Bonduelle Worldwide Event

Client company:
Organising company:
Volcanic Agency

The Event

Volcanic Agency was initially selected to organise the’Top Managers’ convention for the 350 Bonduelle’managers in the north of France. Just after, Bonduelle absorbed 3500 new employees with the acquisition of ‘Ready Pac Co.’.With a yearly turnover near 3 billion € & a workforce of 15000 employees, the size and goals of the “Top Managers” convention needed to evolve. We therefore went from a “classic” convention to an event on an international scale with 1300 managers and 24 nations over 3 days.

We began and closed the event with the 350 top managers. Opened the event with a show’The 7 values in Movement’,telling a story on the brand’s foundations, its current situation,future perspectives in an artistic, rather than literal, fashion. It showed us how the chef of a restaurant “The7”pass down his secrets to his apprentice. He displayed 7 artistic tableaux each illustrating one of the Group’s 7 fundamental values. An exhibition telling a story.A true concentrated version of the past, present and future history of the group. Clearly intended to create networking, with a 5 worlds scenography: Roots, Talents, Innovation, Healthy Living, Enjoyment of Vegetables covered by 45 stands. Consumer Centricity. An important turning point in Bonduelle’s culture, this topic needed to be displayed in a central manner. We gave it a unique place by focusing a plenary session on it: short 1h, with a strong impact[concert format]& plenty of excitement! (group of live musicians, 2singers&4 coaches).