Client company:
BRPS Brussels Mobility
Organising company:
VO Citizen

The Event

On the occasion of the Mobility Week 2018, VO Citizen staged a decongested Brussels for the benefit of its inhabitants. A vision that inspires and drives a change in mobility habits.

VO Citizen developed a simple and effective slogan “My car? No need to own it, sharing is all it takes”; a bold and engaged positioning if there ever was one for Public Authorities. The campaign’s key visual reveals the ‘before and after’ effect. The current situation presents a congested Capital, and a vision of what Brussels could look like if everyone embraces the concept of Shared Mobility.

The mobility week, and the carless Sunday in particular offer the opportunity to enjoy the full experience of SPRB Mobility’s vision: fewer personal vehicles equals fewer parking spaces, so more reallocated spaces for an improved quality of life in Brussels.

After studying and presenting a comprehensive overview of the Brussels Shared Mobility solutions matched against the citizens’ habits, VO Citizen mustered all the actors involved in car-, bike- and scootersharing, (…), so as to allow citizens to trial their services during the week.