Bea World Festival
Guía Repsol Sensorium

Guía Repsol Sensorium

Client company:
Organising company:
Momentum Madrid

The Event

We proposed an artistic installation, immersive and inclusive, that let blind people cross the most evocative landscapes through their senses. We toured Spain with the exhibition.

We create an action that appealed to the emotions. The exhibition had 5 areas, corresponded to the 5 senses, that put our senses to the test:
VISUM: a projection on several canvas sculptures that submerged in landscapes of beach, forests or popular celebrations.
AUDIVI: different elements in which to guess traditions and places through the ear.
ODOREM: a challenge, to guess without the use of sight, the smells of the gastronomy and culture of our country.
TANGE: travel to places just touching their characteristic elements, without being able to see them.
GUSTUM: eat the Sagrada Familia, the Puerta de Alcalá, candies with national flavors such as wine,oil or cheese.
In addition, of course, we also have a corner so that, after that sensory trip, people could continue traveling through the new Guía Repsol app.
Furthermore, the messages were reinforced through workshops, in which attendees cooked without seeing or children toured Spain cooking traditional recipes.