Let Hyundai Power Your World Tour

Let Hyundai Power Your World Tour

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Jack Morton Worldwide

The Event

True power comes from being able to initiate and drive change. Hyundai inspired the audience to imagine the future together, through an exciting “Let Hyundai Power Your World Tour” across Germany.

To be powerful is to imagine, initiate and drive change. Inspired by Progress for Humanity, we showcased how Hyundai visionary spirit drives impactful global initiatives, inspiring our audience to become visionaries themselves.
Our traveling mirror Cube was already a signature design from previous year, humbly reflecting different ambients of cities it was placed in. In 2023, we recycled the existing structure, mirror panels and interior elements in order to minimise negative impacts to the environment.
As an elevation of the experience, interior became reflective as well, converting the inside of the cube into an immersive infinity room with stunning reflections and light effects. Visitors were invited to envision the future through an AI activation that was at the core of the Cube, “reflecting” on their own ideas and imagination. The brand’s famous Pixel Design that is part of all their new products was extended towards modular furniture elements of the interior and exterior spaces.

Live Presentations