Event in a box

Event in a box

Client company:
Hugo Boss

Category Winner

The Event

Event in a box is a new unique format for events. The box weighs around 10 kg and it can be sent to anywhere in the world. Users of the box will enjoy 3 hours of inspirational and joyful moments.

This event integrates state-of-the-art technologies, including elements of enhanced and virtual reality, interactive prints, QR codes and 3D video models. Event in a box is like a four-level dinner format, including various newly created objects and instructions that lead to the intended goal. For instance, the tablecloth is a map of the world, and scanning of the symbols of various countries means that enhanced reality applications and interactive markers will allow an international celebrity to send greetings to the users of the box. The 3D fashion show is in the plate of the dessert. A puzzle that can be put together as a mat for the table presents an image which, in interaction with the enhanced reality app, turns into an animated and digital story.

Events in a box feature specially composed music, mixes and actor performances which, with the help of technologies, are integrated into various objects related to the topic at hand.