vive andalucía academy

vive andalucía academy

Client company:
andalusia Tourism and Sports Board (Andalusia Regional Government)
Organising company:
grupo absolute

Category Winner

The Event

The Vive Andalucía Academy is an innovative proprietary format, a communicative complement to the Andalucia brand that adapts to future editions.

The Andalusian Tourism and Sport Board proposed a challenge: creating a new format hybrid event that would show its target audience (millennial generation, generation Z, and Insatiable Travellers) everything that the 8 Andalusian provinces had to offer. To this end, we created the Vive andalucía Academy, the first academy where you can learn about a county and its infinite experiences. Open to the world, dynamic, adaptable, and with free access to content. In order to generate interesting content for our audience within the platform, we invited three non-Andalusian YouTubers to be our campaign protagonists, the students. They were in charge of touring the different provinces in road trip format, creating twelve video blogs under the four “Subjects”: Taste Techniques, Nature, Active Tourism, History of Art, and Andalusian Culture and Family Activities.