Visit Estonia campaign on WRC Rally Estonia

Visit Estonia campaign on WRC Rally Estonia

Client company:
Visit Estonia
Organising company:
Jolos - 27Names

The Event

Creative destination promotion within large sporting event that generated enormous results with limited budget.

Creativity was used to engage celebrities into PR stunts, that were untraditional and out of box, to generate attention. We knew that we cant use just regular PR event with guest, interviews and autograph signing etc. We had to come up with untraditionally technical and creative ideas, to get the attention of the fans. And let celebrities promote our messages on their own.

1. Tennis match on the roof of National museum.
2. WTA #2 tennis player as codriver for World champion on official rally stage.
3. WRC drivers visiting and competing eachother in childrens sciense center.
4. Disc golf tournament on top of a ski jumping hill.
5. WRC team bosses racing retro rally trucks on a offical stage for PR.