Bea World Festival
tWEx 2022 – together WE x

tWEx 2022 – together WE x

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circ gmbh & co. kg

The Event

UneXpected times require uneXpected events that break through eXisting patterns. E.ON’s new leadership conference “tWEx” aimed at inspiring and breaking down silos through gamification, art and sound.

The aim was to change tone and voice of how corporate messages are traditionally delivered whilst transporting the new spirit across hierarchy levels. Participants were stimulated through:
– Gamification: Through the Gamification App participants were motivated to actively take part in the conference, learn about E.ON’s lighthouse projects, submit content and form teams to win together whilst contributing to a social purpose
– Art: Comic as an approachable communication tool, local graffiti arts designing playgrounds and a plenary housing two stages that connected a transition space which served as an immersive art experience
– Sound: Starting with auditive pre-communication whisper teasers and followed by an intricate audio concept, as well as an impressive acapella performance in the historic power station, the ultimate sound experience culminated in a concert consisting of 75 soloists in the world’s largest purpose-built recording studio