Client company:
RPM Sports
Organising company:
RPM Sports and MKTG Spain

The Event

Titan World Series is a world MTB circuit of 3 races, where amateurs & professionals ride side by side, helping each other, pursuing greatness, in the most exciting environments.

Some of the main innovative elements are:
? Shared Camp Experience: The concept of a shared camp creates a dynamic where professional athletes and amateur riders coexist, fostering a sense of camaraderie and facilitating the exchange of unforgettable experiences. This idea aims to break down barriers and emphasize the inclusivity of the Titan World Series.
? Nomadic Lifestyle: The mobile camp, which assembles and disassembles as the race progresses, creatively mirrors the nomadic lifestyle of desert tribes. This not only adds an authentic touch to the event but also highlights the ever-changing nature of the race, making it an exciting adventure for participants.
? Navigation Freedom: Allowing navigation during the race is a groundbreaking concept. Participants receive a basic track but are encouraged to chart their own course, guided by GPS. This innovation sets the Titan World Series apart from all other UCI races globally, enhancing the sense of personal challenge and adventure.