Through customers’ eyes

Through customers’ eyes

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Forum of Leaders was aimed to become a visionary platform where employees collaborated to conceive cutting-edge projects tailored to serve clients’ critical needs during wartime.

How to create an idea that can change someone’s life? The answer is COMPLICITY
You have to look at the world through different eyes. This is what we did
We created “Through customers’ eyes” concept, synonymous with “Walk in Their Shoes” in Ukraine

We went beyond the standards and allowed employees to immerse themselves in the real life of their clients, affected by wartime trials. This real trip to clients’ homes became the basis for immersive game, fostering deeper understanding. By combining real-life experience and emotional gamification, we sparked creativity and critical thinking. This approach encouraged participants to explore unique solutions, focusing on clients’ pressing needs and working out innovation in business development

The “Walk in Their Shoes” concept propelled Kyivstar employees to create inventive solutions – 10 cool customer-centric projects, aligning with the vision for customer satisfaction in challenging times. The best of them are already launching today

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