The Line Experience

The Line Experience

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HQ Worldwide Shows

The Event

An experience centre spread over 12000 sq mt featuring a curated journey into NEOM, showcasing its flagship project The Line. A 10 months running open event, with an average of 30000 visitors a month.

HQWS built a journey through several clear segments using the existing venue architecture to define the journey points. Five warehouses were delineated as follows:
1. Introduction to NEOM (also used as a multi-function independent event space)
2. Introduction to The Line and the Hidden Marina
3. Liveability
4. Flora
5. The Line Architecture
Whilst technology was applied in multiple forms across the venue, from mapped projection to curved LED and the Flora space being a wall-to-wall LED space, the application of technology was used to support the journey and creative, not vice-versa.
The concept was to create a linear “museum/gallery experience” that would organically lead visitors from one space to the next. To ensure the experience was pure, HQWS “black-boxed” the entire environment, blocking out windows with floor to ceiling black fabric walls and black carpet. This approach ensured the content presented was the hero and allowed visitors to absorb the experience at their own pace.

Live Presentations