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OneTonneIsland by Vattenfall

OneTonneIsland by Vattenfall

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The Event

OneTonneIsland PR Event to launch the world’s most advanced climate calculation app OneTonneFuture, and to increase the number of users and subscribers. Invited were decision makers and media.

We invited some of Sweden’s biggest influencers and leaders focusing on the climate issue, tech innovation and leadership to an exclusive two-day exchange of knowledge in the Stockholm archipelago. For two days we took over the island Grinda and created a 100% sustainable event experience. Food, transport, exhibitions and people, all at the forefront of sustainability. The guests got to learn all about carbon dimming and got to take part in TonneTalks with some of our most inspiring lecturers in the climate issue, sports, music and climate-smart food. Guests also got to learn about solar panels and electric boats, cars and bicycles. We gave them the tools to be able to contribute to a more sustainable future.OneTonneIsland became a climate-smart B2B meeting place where pioneering companies and individuals shared their passion for solving the planet’s most urgent challenges. It was a storydoing event, where all participants experienced themself that we can save the planet together.