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The Event

An internal event for 2,700 employees from 5 continents to bring alive the client’s new employee value proposition “The Future is Wide Open” and boost pride worldwide.

It all started with the new brand. When “the Future is Wide Open”… the possibilities are limitless!
Criteo Limitless is an event to push back boundaries: social boundaries on day 1, peeking with a “We found Waldo” party where everyone dressed up as Waldo/Wally/Charlie and participated in countless ice breaker activities.
Physical boundaries were pushed back on day 2, in particular during an Unlimited Aqua Park party and mental boundaries on day 3, during an unforgettable Infinite beach party.
On top of the parties, participants got a chance to take part in over 90 business sessions including a 2-hour plenary session held the biggest tent ever built in Croatia for a private event (4000 sq m), enjoy 18 team building activities and most of all meet each other over the course of dozens of social events.
The concept was so right on the spot that over the course of the event, Criteo execs and employees naturally started claiming that “our Future is limitless”.