Icon in the Sky

Icon in the Sky

Client company:
Lodha Group
Organising company:
Laqshya Live Experiences

The Event

As the pandemic shut opportunities for onground experiences and cast dark clouds, we found an unmatched creative & artistic expression to create an Icon in the Sky spreading hope, positivity & belief.

As a luxury home brand, Lodha strives to be intensely attentive and pick up on cues that aren’t always verbalized. Our attention to the nuanced needs of highly discerning customers, put us on to the insight that prospective luxury home buyers were holding back more out of caution and the global depressed sentiment, than out of a real financial crunch. We surmised that what our customers needed was reassurance and strength, not just for themselves but for the community and their entire environment.

We set out to do our bit to dispel the darkness, alleviate the sentiments of Indians and send a message of hope and solidarity to the world. This was done by conceptualising and executing #IconInTheSky – an experience that involved lighting up the iconic project, The World Towers.