Bea World Festival
Green&Blue Festival

Green&Blue Festival

Client company:
GEDI Gruppo Editoriale
Organising company:
Piano B

The Event

Repubblica Green&Blue’s first festival on the occasion of World Environment Day.
Two days of concerts, workshops, exhibitions and debates at the Bagni Misteriosi and Teatro Franco Parenti.

Two talk rooms, one in the Great Hall and one in the theatre foyer, with 120 speakers. Two photography exhibitions in the Mysterious Baths building, one with a selection of Italian photographers curated by Contrasto and one with a selection of readers’ shots curated by Green&Blue.
Two workshop rooms, for adults and children, in the palazzina, for activities conceived in collaboration with Legambiente, Manitese, Topipittori, AmbienteAcqua, ItaliaNostra.
A floating stage, for talks and musical performances, set up with wooden wings and LED screens.
A rich programme with, among others, Frans Tiemmermans, Carlo Petrini, the minister Roberto Cingolani, Stefano Mancuso, Enrico Giovannini, Beppe Sala, Giovanni Soldini, Paola Gianotti, Valerie Trouet, Alice Pomiato, Malika Ayane, Erica Mou, Marina Rei, Francesca Michielin, Elisa and many others. All live streamed on Repubblica.
Repubblica conceived the format, curated the programming and content, Piano B produced and directed the event.