Client company:
Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

The Event

Fujitsu CX Lab is a virtual meeting place to host sales and consulting events in Fujitsu’s own metaverse. It simplifies the entry into digital transformation for clients thanks to co-creation.

he Fujitsu CX Lab (Customer Experience Lab) is a new virtual event platform designed for bringing together physical and virtual worlds to facilitate the entry into a creative dialogue. The concept has two dimensions. First, it leverages the new digital shift culture of virtual engagement that enables ecosystems to cross-fertilize ideas more easily and more quickly. Second, it acknowledges that people respond more creatively when in new, stimulating environments.
It enables impressive virtual experiences in a cybernetic city with many industry-specific solutions and scenarios – creating a unique co-creation space precisely tailored to customer needs.
Small twinkle-in-the-eye effects create a relaxed atmosphere. Through this inspiring environment, Fujitsu promotes the creativity of its employees as well as networking and makes the first steps into digital transformation easier than ever for clients and partners.