Aviko’s Kerstkeuken (Aviko’s Christmas Kitchen)

Aviko’s Kerstkeuken (Aviko’s Christmas Kitchen)

Client company:
Backbone Marketing (commissioned by Aviko)
Organising company:
We Are Live

The Event

Each year, Aviko hosts Christmas cooking workshops for customers. Due to COVID-19, these had to be organized online. With TV-grade production value, we increased the amount of participants massively.

The event is designed to create a maximum brand experience around the Aviko brand. With a well-known chef and a well-known TV presenter linked to the brand, a very accessible, intimate interactive cooking instruction of 2.5 hours is given. The aim for the participant is to learn how to make and test the perfect Christmas dinner.

It is a crossover between a cooking course, a cooking TV magazine and community experience. The concept is the culmination of a customer journey ranging from registration, various contact moments, to the digital event that ends in a test dinner.

Important USPs:
– Customer journey of a month, with anticipation leading up to the event
– two events on separate dates, to give the consumer choice of date
– Meticulously scripted program, and well-tested recipes
– High (TV) broadcast quality
– Interactivity on the platform (Q&A, chat, 1-on-1 conversation with the chef)
– Live video connections with select group of VIPs
– High social media interaction