HERE CES: Laying the Building Blocks for Sustainable Experiences

HERE CES: Laying the Building Blocks for Sustainable Experiences

Client company:
HERE Technologies
Organising company:
Jack Morton

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The Event

3 years, 3 distinct designs, the exact same 100% reusable system: The HERE CES exhibit is a beautiful, sustainable experience where every element is designed to repeat before ultimately being recycled

Sustainability is a hot topic, but the pressure to generate hype and engagement is a constant variable. As the first major event of the year (115,000 attendees registered in 2023), CES is a place where brands want to show up BIG.
HERE sought to create the perfect experience to unveil their location-based, emission-reducing technologies by designing a space that would balance their business needs with their sustainability goals.
The event industry needs to go green, but research is limited. While many materials are reusable, they are not always recyclable. The best methods, custom booths, are estimated to make up only 3% of the overall footprint of shows. (Source: Finding the Future Together, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, September 2022)
HERE wants to change that.
Target: Business professionals and decision makers (automotive, transportation, manufacturing, shipping, etc.) who attend CES to learn about new technologies that will benefit their business.

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