Wise Mission Days 23

Wise Mission Days 23

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The Event

Annual employee gathering of global tech company Wise. Participants of over 2500 people gathered in Tallinn where in two days they had a conference, team-building activities, and social gatherings.

The creativity behind this sustainable project stemmed from our mission to acquire comprehensive knowledge of organizing eco-friendly events. In collaboration with environmental experts, we developed a tool to measure the carbon footprint of transportation, materials, beverages, and all food products used. The data was collected from both, the extensive staff that worked on this project throughout the whole week and from the event participants through their NFC bands.
Using this data, we conducted a thorough analysis to determine future food and beverage choices and event locations to minimize transportation emissions. We communicated these findings to all Wise employees.
Outsourcing carbon calculations alone wouldn’t have provided us with the depth of knowledge we have today.
In this project, creativity and sustainability went hand in hand. All solutions prioritized sustainability, while also offering a unique and entertaining event experience.

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