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The Gas Fest 2017 – Conferencing redefined

The Gas Fest 2017 – Conferencing redefined

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Woltti Group

The Event

As a part of their strategy, Wärtsilä called for top leaders of the gas industry to join forces in new type of collaborative B2B event. Instead of providing the conventional content with key note presentations, the participants were challenged to create the content of their own. The results exceeded all the expectations. This type of unconferencing clearly leads the way of the disruption of B2B events.

From the very beginning, it was evident that the traditional ways of setting up a conference would not give us access to highest rank decision makers. So we gave up the motivational key note speakers, well-spoken futurologists and top selling authors. The wicked problems and challenges of gas industry future were brought up with interviews and focused research. This work pointed out the key topics which were used to challenge the selected gas industry leaders. As the commitment got up, more and more leaders wanted to join the movement. We were able to promise them an unforeseen experience, content and networking possibilities by investing two days of their precious time. This conference was the ultimate non-conference with content created by the participants. Carefully selected participants spent two whole days collaborating, discussing and creating new initiatives for sustainable business solutions.