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Schibsted Norge AS

The Event

Aftenposten has changed the way to present news to our readers. In addition to our daily based news in print and digital, we once a year arrange A-Tech, a conference about leadership, technology and society. A-tech is now Norway’s biggest technology conference. In october 2017 we conducted a two-day event at a high international level and one of the most important meeting places for leaders, founders and politicians. This is mainly a B2B conference, however we also focus on kids and student

The past years media houses have started with different solutions, such as event, to finance journalism. Aftenposten Event was created 5 years ago to be a new source of income for the newspaper and additionally take journalism into a live arena. With this background, we have combined both the commercial and editorial part in one project through the A-tech. This project is not only a conference for business people, but is also a great arena to inspire kids and students.