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Fraunhofer Award Ceremony

Fraunhofer Award Ceremony

Client company:
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der angewandten Forschung e.V.
Organising company:
onliveline GmbH - office for concept & staging

The Event

Fraunhofer is a research company of applied science. One of their core themes is cognitive systems and therefore: artificial intelligence. Our job for the award ceremony 2018 was: an interactive staging of this intelligence. We therefore developed Explora, an interactive personification of artificial intelligence. Through a scenic dramaturgy we let Explora learn, co-create, take over and in the end engage visionary with human performers.

We developed an interactive personification of an artificial intelligence, Explora, and presented her within the space on specially developed acryl-threat objects. Her sound appeared 3D everywhere within the space, moving around, like artificial intelligence does. As a co-moderator she guided through the event and scenically we presented her learning, developing, taking over and a possible positive outcome in the cooperation with a human performer.
The development took various stages and elements: interactive audio and visual laser, 3D sound, Pandoras Box keying and effects, development of a visual video presentation and landscape. All elements had to be brought together in order to present the possibilities and fears that come along with the theme of artificial intelligence.