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DELL EMC Distribution Forum

DELL EMC Distribution Forum

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Slupsky Event Management

The Event

Present Dell EMC strategy and products in innovative way to company’s channel partners and distributors. Build relationship which will drive long term sales results. DELL EMC Forum participants are the best IT specialists from 21 countries, attending 2-3 IT conferences a month. They have seen a lot and wouldn’t be surprised by VR, robots, 3D-mapping or star speakers. TA: 30 DELL EMC employees + 150 distribution partners from Central&Eastern Europe. 90% of them haven’t been to Ukraine before.

How to surprise and involve IT-people, who are regularly visiting TOP Tech world events? How to make the conference memorable and efficient? That no one is bored? To ensure that participants are awaiting for a next speaker, rather than dreaming of running away to a bar or touring the city as quickly as possible? Well, here’s the answer: give them what they want! – just organise this conference in the bar, in museum, in medieval castle, etc. Creative idea – to combine the most authentic town in Ukraine and business tasks of our Forum, keeping in mind Digital Transformation as key topic. There are no venues for large conferences in Lviv, but there are plenty of legendary sites – the coffee-mine, beer theater, royal court, old library, Masonic lodge, pharmacy museum, art galleries, towers and palaces. This is what we decided to use. Instead of a boring congress hall, we offered guests 18 truly unique locations and not-standart format for conference.