Client company:
T-Systems Slovakia
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Special Prize


The Event

Only 6 days after lockdown, we created and started a long-term, online internal/external communication to support corporate culture and togetherness.

Only in 6 days, we were able to transform from live events to online events communication company, which deliver outstanding and customized content for both internal and external audience. We wanted this new concept of internal/external communication to be sincerely crafted with a human touch. We co- created content pretty intuitively and spontaneously where inspirations came from everywhere: agency, management, and employees. This flexibility, proactivity, and reactivity to the community needs leading to well-balanced and unique content for our audience. Playful challenges brought us to the homes of employees.
An authentic custom-made fairy tale was designed based on the everyday life of the T-Systems employees. The story was extremely appreciated because of the personalized aspect of it. From a schedule perspective, it was smartly structured in several blocks and streamed at specific times so that it could become an organic part of the lifestyle of the employees