2021 LEGO REEMEA Sales & Marketing Conference

2021 LEGO REEMEA Sales & Marketing Conference

Czech Republic
Client company:
The LEGO Group/LEGO Trading
Organising company:
The LEGO Group and Event Arena

The Event

The 3-days internal conference is the key touchpoint in a LEGO® regional planning cycle introducing the team to biz strategy & priorities, and new portfolio. The event´s aim is to bond the team.

In the new reality impacted by COVID-19 situation (closed borders & facilities, remote work from home offices), the team had to agilely shift from F2F meeting, which supposed to be organized close to LEGO HQ to an online environment using only internally approved communication and extra confidentiality tools. All this in 6 remaining weeks before the event.

Technical set-up was ensured in line with the global requirements using MS Teams together with Ventuz stream tool fulfilling all needs related to connectivity, high quality loop, video streaming along with sound, engagement activities, Q&A option, control management and smooth mix of different formats (PPT, jingles, videos).
From the creativity POV, an overarching internally critical concept was introduced and deployed in both business and engagement activities to every detail. This year “One Unstoppable Team” was selected as the key communication approach to express team dynamic (unstoppable) and importance of teamwork (one team) i