Step into the new Reality

Step into the new Reality

Client company:
HERE Technologies
Organising company:
Jack Morton Worldwide

Category Winner

The Event

HERE collaborated with Jack Morton to create an arresting brand experience for CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The outdoor two storeys pavilion immersed the audience into the world of location technology.

The majority of the human population uses HERE’s services but have little to no understanding of the depth of data involved in supporting our everyday lives today and tomorrow. HERE’s data solutions are in our cars, our smart phone, delivery services, public transport and the world surrounding us. Every corner of our cities is mapped with a thousand layers of data, available at all time. It is the new reality.
Yet, for people to fully comprehend HERE’s functions, we needed to make the data tangible, visible, and invite the audience to enter it, explore it, touch it.
The idea was to create an journey that progressively immersed the audience into the new reality of data intelligence. It invited the audience to move from the physical to the digital world, layer by layer, in order to comprehend the potential of location data intelligence.
The pavilion took the audience on a journey inviting them to “Step into the New Reality”.