Coca-Cola Christmas House

Coca-Cola Christmas House

Client company:
The Coca-Cola Company
Organising company:
MKTG Spain

Category Winner

The Event

A proprietary event, in collaboration with Madrid council, created to leverage Coca-Cola’s big Christmas heritage. Aimed at families the experience is designed to bring to life the magic of Xmas.

The core idea is about creating a 20-minute immersive experience using micro-theatre which brings to life the magic of Christmas. Our intention is to transport people to a fantasy world of Santa Claus and elves. They become part of the show. The visiting children become little assistants, who aided by an actor elf, succeed in resolving a problem or finding a lost object which helps to save Xmas.
The experience is based around a series of themed rooms or spaces, which people visit as part of a guided tour. Almost like a labyrinth it is a journey of discovery. Each space has a special set decoration and is hosted by an elf. The last room is where our guests finally get to meet Santa Claus or the Three Wise Men if visiting after Xmas.
The design follows a traditional German-Scandinavian aesthetic which very much forms part of Coca-Cola’s Christmas DNA.
Upon leaving visitors teenagers and adults are offered a free Coca-Cola drink and children are given a small gift.