Norwin Kandera


CEO of onliveline GmbH - Office for Transformation & Storytelling

for over 20 years he designed and produced communication means and campaigns for companies and research institutions. The spectrum covers the entire field of employee and management communication, and communication activities for customers and trading partner of renowned national and international companies. Many successful projects and some very unusual and innovative approaches succeeded to build long-term customer relationships and strategic partnerships.
His core competencies lie in the conceptual and creative range of analytical and strategic thinking, creative as well as in the solid adaptation of communication-scientific knowledge as well as detailed implementation and production expertise.

Norwin Kandera, Dipl.Economy and MBA, innovatively implements strategic transformations through storytelling for business, industry, research, SMEs or pharma. Kandera is CEO, speaker and author and has received numerous awards with onliveline, such as the ADC*Europe Gold, ADC Silver in Storytelling, BEAworld, BrandEX, PR Award, German Design Award Gold, or Austrian Event Award.

We love coming to BEA. It feels like a big international community meeting once a year, bringing their best cases and ideas and exchanging to inspire each other.

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