Jimmy Pallas


Loves this industry, truly loves his clients & his family.
You can throw him to the wolves and he’ll return running with the pack.
Toured the 80’s w. Sting. AcDc, Springsteen, Prince, Sr. McCartney, Queen, Sinatra, Rolling Stones, Dire Straits
Currently assists Agencies & Clients in EU, USA, APAC, EMEA. 
Produced events for Amway, Tyco, Mubadala, Maserati, PMI, Mindshare.
Known to be cost effective, with high standards, good in prep work & on the road.

Acts Globally Thinks Locally, An award-winning project must shine through..."Client’s & Event Success, KPI, Hod & vendor risk assessment incl. climate change, Wow Factor, EU Reg. 2020/852, Cost control"

My advice to the nominees..."Look through the eyes of your clients, partner with them, enjoy what you do, push boundaries".

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